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Our story

At Projectory, our passion for healthcare is as extensive as our experience. Our team of insightful medical technology professionals not only understands the challenges faced by today’s startups, but we’ve lived —and thrived— in this world. We measure our success by the trust our clients place in us as advisors and partners. Let us earn yours.


Strategic partnership.

We are driven to develop innovative technologies, create new markets, and build impactful commercialization strategies that help our clients achieve rapid market success.

Customer-driven value.

Our core strength is helping new medical technologies create and amplify strong new marketplace value. We see optimizing benefit/cost as an ongoing effort that requires feedback from potential users and buyers at every product and business development stage.

Entrepreneurial attitude.

Medtech startups face a multitude of challenges that can change day to day – or hour to hour. We love the fast-paced, controlled chaos of start-up projects, and are committed to providing the comprehensive, flexible, and scalable support our customers need to stay on track.

Personal pride.

We are driven by the personal need to have a meaningful impact on everything we do, and the satisfaction of knowing that our work serves to improve healthcare and human lives.

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Why Projectory?

Projectory is a scaleable, efficient team that can deliver comprehensive strategic and tactical guidance, thinking and acting as an extension of your business throughout every stage of development.

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