Focused Flexibility

It starts with a brilliant idea – and a lot of passion.

No entrepreneur can succeed without them.

Then the real work begins.

Bringing new medical technologies to market requires handling an array of tasks spanning a multitude of disciplines. Beating the odds means doing things right from the very start, and making smart, insights-driven directional adjustments all along the way.

Partner With Projectory

You can staff up to tackle this work. But premature staffing can bog you down with cost and still leave you short on resources and experience.

Or you can partner with Projectory.  

We bring the multi-disciplinary experience and flexibility you need. As business and marketing leaders in medical technology companies, we’ve invented products, led development teams, and helped grow promising ideas into prospering businesses. We’ll take the lead in identifying the strategic and tactical initiatives that are critical to your success.

Partner With Projectory

Focused Flexibility™

We call this approach Focused Flexibility. It lets you stay lean and on-task when money is tight and rapid execution is crucial.

Your brilliant idea deserves nothing less.

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Test The Big Idea: Is It Real? Can You Win? Is It Worth It?

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Identify And Challenge The Value Proposition

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Customer Insights = Relevant Product Design & Business Strategy

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High Impact Launch Designed For Rapid Market Penetration

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Thoughtful, Detailed Design For Maximum Differentiation

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Amplify Value With A Solid Business Case & Powerful Pitch

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Develop Bold, Compelling Strategies

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Exit success!

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We bring the experience you need

Projectory is a full-service commercialization and marketing resource for medical technology companies and start-ups. We draw upon decades of medtech business and marketing experience, and a multi-disciplinary network of industry specialists, to provide guidance and hands-on support through all phases of the commercialization process.

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